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ed chambers no shortcuts

The Most Experience, The Best Instruction, and Top Equipment
Ed has been actively involved in the horse world for well over 35 years and has worked with all types and breeds of equines; from mules to Sport Horses as well as various stock and Gaited breeds. He has studied an array of disciplines, including Fine Harness, Roadster, Saddle Seat, Halter, English Pleasure, Park, Dressage, hitching and driving, and of course a lot of western performance.


Ed credits much of his knowledge to some important Mentors and influences: Leonard Martinson, Glenn Randall, and Ray Hunt. Ed has owned his own training and/or breeding facility since 1987. For a time Ed worked mostly with what other people called 'problem horses' so he could truly develop, test, and refine his skills.
Ed believes that a gentler approach and the more natural methods that he has developed over his many years of experience will benefit not only the owner, but will also help the horse immensely. Being shocked and disgusted by the cruelty and abuse he continues to see in the horse world, Ed hopes that he can counter some of this negativity by helping horses and owners learn a better, more natural bond between them. When this happens it will become a true 'Turning Point' for both the horse and the owner.